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Providing Seasoned, Successful, Supportive legal care

  • Kearney, Drechsler & Awalt, LLC
  • Kearney, Drechsler & Awalt, LLC
  • Kearney, Drechsler & Awalt, LLC


At KDA, we take pride in delivering the best, professional client service to the people and businesses that have come to rely on us for legal advice. We believe that the small-firm setting allows us to efficiently meet our clients’ business and financial needs, and also to build the personal trust that is vital to the attorney-client relationship.

Here are areas in which our lawyers practice every day. Please see the individual biographies for more detail about our partners.

If you have questions or a problem in any of these areas, please call or e mail us now. If your matter is in another area of law, or you are not sure in which are it falls, please contact us. If we cannot help you, we maintain relationships with practitioners in every area of the law that can assist you.


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