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Commercial Transactions and Banking
KDA provides comprehensive services to businesses, entrepreneurs and financial institutions involved in the purchase and sale of equipment, leasing, commercial loans and business transactions.  We have prepared and negotiated contracts of sale, distribution agreements finance and loan documents on behalf of business clients and financial institutions.

We have represented both buyers and sellers of businesses, in asset sales and corporate purchases. Our staff has managed every stage of a business purchase, from conception, negotiation, contract development through due diligence and closing. We have worked closely with the business brokers selected by our clients, as well as with the banks and SBA lenders in order to make sure that the transaction is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

We have worked with a broad range of lending vehicles, including asset-based loans, construction loans, mortgage financing, and other secured and unsecured financing transactions.  We provide advice regarding the initial structure of transactions to specialized issues relating to collateral protection and perfection, multi-lender participations, and other complex matters.  We also have experience in handling troubled debt matters, restructuring loans, collections and foreclosures.

Estates, Trusts and Probate
At KDA, we provide our individual clients the same care, planning and technical expertise that we give to our business clients.  We have found that assisting our clients in planning for the guardianship of their children, college education and distribution of assets in the event of death is ultimately a satisfying experience for both attorney and client.  We have assisted our clients in developing Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney to assist them with their medical treatment and business needs in the event that they become ill, disabled or unable to mange their own affairs.

Many of our clients are called upon to assist with the probate of a relative’s or friend’s Will.  We provide complete probate services, including location of the Will or Trust document, opening the estate, protecting estate assets, providing the appropriate accounting for the courts, and assistance with distribution of the assets. See a more detailed description of these services here: Probate and Estate Services

Health Care 

In our health care practice, we recognize our clients’ most important objective:  Providing quality care for patients and a quality work environment for the health care professionals’ employees.  On behalf of physicians, nurses, a regional hospital and specialty practices, we have guided our clients through the state and federal regulatory landscape that governs medical practice and collections.  We have provided risk management consulting, worked with compliance committees and compliance chairs, and have provided advice to our clients on the application of new legislation to their practices.

In addition, we have facilitated the critical relationships that are vital to the contemporary practice of medicine.  We have structured and negotiated physician employment agreements, practice management agreements and affiliation agreements between health care institutions and educational institutions for their collaborative educational and research projects.  We have also guided our clients through the sensitive relationships between health care providers and the state and federal government, and between the health care professional and the legal profession.

For more information about our health care practice, contact Steve Awalt at (410) 825-0570, or e mail Steve at: [email protected]

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Services
Buying, selling or leasing a business location or personal residence is one of the most important transactions a business or individual may face.  Typically, a real estate purchase or lease represents a substantial investment of client money and the acceptance of certain risks inherent in any transaction.  At KDA, we understand both the personal and business component of these transactions, and have decades of experience in preparing the documents and clients for all of the risks and contingencies that come with the real estate transaction.

Aside from negotiating the deal, we are prepared to review or draft leases for our clients, work with clients in obtaining financing for projects, assisting clients with all of the due diligence components of a bank or federally financed transaction, and anticipating and managing problems that will arise in any transaction. KDA maintains affiliation with a title company, so that all of your real estate purchase and sale needs can be managed at one  location. For more informaiton, please call Steve Awalt at (410) 825-0570, or e mail Steve at: [email protected]

Employment Law 

One of the most frequent problems encountered by businesses and professionals is the difficulty managing employment matters and the broad range of laws that affect the employment environment.  Our attorneys have assisted clients in the development and management of employee policy, the authoring of employee handbooks, and litigation before the EEOC and Maryland Commission on Human Relations, as well as local civil rights enforcement bodies.  We have also worked very closely with both management and senior employees to develop employment agreements that solidify the relationship between business, medical professionals, senior leadership and sales representatives.

Please call Steve Awalt to arrange for a consultation on employment matters at (410) 825-0570, or e-mail him at [email protected]




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