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Estates,  Probate and Trust Administration 

The death of a family member or friend presents unique challenges:  while we grieve the loss of a loved one, there are immediate matters at hand: Is there a will, and if so, where is it? How do mortgage payments get made until the estate is open and later settled? How and when is the distribution of  the departed’s property handled?  Who pays the decedent’s bills, and when do they get paid? Should the family fix up the house, or sell it a”as is”?  What if there is no will at all, who inherits, and how do we  make sure that the estate assets are preserved?

Some wills appoint a personal representative, other times there is no will, or the named personal representative is unable to serve  due to death, distance or other circumstance. Sometimes a will  appoints a backup personal representative, or a  trustees to protect assets and  also to act in the best interest of  those benefitting from a will or trust. Steve Awalt has served as a trustee, and as counsel to trustees, and for the benefit of all those who are named in, Or are affected by, the creation of the trust.   If you are named as a personal representative, or trustee, it is important that you proper advice regarding your duties, how to protect the assets under your control, and to do the best you can for those who are intended to benefit from a will or trust. Steve Awalt is experienced and ready to help you manage your obligations and the assets interested to you. are answers to all of these questions which are found at the intersection of probate, real estate and business law.

Steve Awalt comes to probate and estate work with a background in contracts and business law along with  30 years’ experience dealing with estate and probate matters. He  believes that estates are to be promptly and fairly managed, and most importantly, with transparency so that family members get their questions answered and that estates are distributed fairly and according to the law and the departed’s will.

Want to know if anyone has opened and estate regarding your family member or friend? Copy and paste this address and check with the Maryland Register of Wills Office to check the status of  a Maryland Estate:  https://registers.maryland.gov/main/search.html

To get your estate or trust questions answered, or to get help opening an estate, or dealing with problems with  an estate that is already opened, call Steve Awalt: (410) 825-0570.



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